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Amy Lin


New body of work by Joshua Dildine will soon be on display at Mark Moore gallery in Culver City. Amities Fly exhibition depicts past events and relationships while confronting the typical ideas of nostalgia and representation. Joshua Dildine uses the images from the past, mostly his own childhood to create experiences that are at the same time present and departed. Amities Fly is a powerful testimony of an artist childhood depicted in imagery that resides between abstract expressionism masterpieces and personal memorabilia, but also relates with everyone nostalgic for their young carefree days.

Joshua Dildine’s Abstract Imagery

Joshua Dildine is an artist that skillfully employs the omnipresent aesthetic of the amateur photography in contrast with his lively administration of bold color palettes and textures. The artist faded childhood photos, taken decades ago represent the base of Joshua Dildine abstract imagery. These photographs are first printed on canvases and then painted over in vivid colors. The artist uses energetic brushstrokes to change the image to the point of obscurity and create his unique pieces that reminds us of the abstract expressionism artworks from the eighties. Careful application of acrylic, oil, and spray paints transforms Joshua Dildine’s personal images into universally recognized abstract works. The artist approaches his paintings with a parental care and emphasizes the characteristics of our shared humanity such as humor, endearment or aggravation. And as time affects memories events or emotions from the past no longer seem as severe as they once were.

Nostalgia at Amities Fly Exhibition

Similar to memories, Joshua Dildine artworks are packed with sensual energy and mystery as he paints over his adventures from the past days. His rich vivid color palette suggests the absurdity of obsessive introspection and constant examination of the past, a practice widely present in modern society. The artist cleverly depicts emotions altered with time. The humorous side of compromising, beauty found in annoyance, or conflicts present in the absent is often recognized in Amities Fly artworks. Seeking to make his painting universal the artist portrays emotions that everyone can relate to. It doesn’t matter water he suggests extreme happiness, paralyzing fear or sudden shame his works have the power to evoke intense feelings deeply buried within the viewer.

Amities Fly at At Mark Moore Gallery in Culver City

Amities Fly solo exhibition by Joshua Dildine will open on July 23, 2015. This will be his second solo show at Mark Moore gallery for the Los Angeles based artist having exhibited in the same space in 2013. Public reception with the artist will be held the opening day from 7 pm till 9 pm. Merging found autobiographical photographs with viciously intuitive painting will undoubtedly provoke pleasant remembrances and sentimentality of visitors at Mark Moore gallery. Amities Fly exhibition at Mark Moore gallery in Culver City  closes on August 29, 2015.

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